About Us

Consolidated Solvents and Chemicals Corporation (CSCC) was set up by Mr. Hasmukh Nathalal Zaveri in 1963, with an office at Princess Street, the heart of Mumbai's Chemical Market, as reliable traders and suppliers of Solvents & Chemicals. Gradually, CSCC expanded its range of products to cover Speciality Solvents, Rare Chemicals, Oils & Fats (e.g. Natural Crude Wool Grease), Waxes, Additives, Multifunctional Speciality Surfactants and more recently, Speciality Mining Chemicals.

CSCC is headed by Mr. H.N. Zaveri and Mr. H.H. Zaveri (Partners) and is ably run by a team of professionals, who ensure supply of excellent quality, original, pure products to the Indian Industry directly as well as through Indenting.

Overall applications include: Personal Care / Cosmetics, Healthcare / Topical Pharmaceuticals, Household Products, Industrial Products, Soaps & Detergents, Metal Mines, etc. Applications of Speciality Surfactants include:

  • Cosmetics / Personal Care (Shower products, Bath products, Baby products, Facial Cleansing, Shaving creams, Cleansing Bars, Hair Care, Liquid hand & body cleansers).

  • Cleaning and Care in Industry & Household

    • I&I application Cleaners
      Spray, High Pressure, Floor, Disinfecting, Cold, Dipping, Micro Emulsions, Stainless Steel.
    • Car cleaning & care
      Rinse Off agent, Shampoos, Truck & Tarpaulin cleaners, Wheel cleaners, Windscreen cleaners, Tar/ Stain removers.
    • Household cleaning
      Carpet Cleaners, Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners for Workshops, Oven & Grill cleaners, Rinse Aid for Dishwashers, Manual Dishwashing Agents, Manual Detergents for Textiles, Cleaners for Glass, Floor, Sanitary and All Purpose.
    • Household care
      Silver Cleaning Agents, Scouring Cleaner, Metal Polish, Polishing Paste, Solid Polishing agent.